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Live Look at Lil Mook - Get It Off My Chest | @Lil_Mook_BBE

New exclusive from Alabama artist Lil Mook called “Get It Off My Chest”. Mook just lost his artist Young Whoa in a car crash this morning and he speaks on that. He also speaks on his situation with Rich Homie Quan. New mixtape on the way.

Live Look at Connor Cassidy - FrameWork feat. Kyle Bent | @ConnorTKCassidy

"Never feel like you gotta fit the frame of what's around you. Take pride in creating your own."

Live Look at Auburn Airwaves Concert | @AuburnUPC

Nelly performance during Auburn Airwaves Concert in Auburn, AL, Saturday, April 18, 2015

Auburn, AL - Auburn University and the World Famous Toomer's Corner were the site for the 2015 Auburn Airwaves Concert featuring Nelly, Nick Jonas, & Kesha. Following Auburn University's A-Day spring football game, Auburn UPC put together a stellar lineup that can rival any concert event free for the fans and citizens of Auburn University and the surrounding community that kicked off at 6 p.m. Central Time. The crowd was very electrifying during all performances and it was definitely a treat for all ages. You can see photos of fans, performer and more on the link below plus a few snippets of performances. 

Video Snippets

Live Look at VH1 #BlackInkCrew's Puma & Quani | @Puma213 @Quani_Dee

Paul "Puma" Robinson, and Quani Robinson, VH1's highly controversial yet widely respected Reality TV personality. Known for being the "black sheep" on VH1's Black Ink Crew, Mr. Robinson has begun a campaign tour called #PaintMeTheVillian: Meet The Robinsons. This tour is to promote how he is more than just a reality television star, but a visionary with a plan. A visionary of all forms of art, with roots from contemporary urban culture-who also knows when and where to have fun, though popular belief feels otherwise. Let him tell you his story, his truth.

Live Look at Relself's CiphaMuzik (Top Notch)

Artist: Relself
Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Waco, TX
Song: "CiphaMuzik (Top Notch)"
Stream / Free Download:


About the Song:

Relself puts you in a trance and gives you someting to ride to with his new single "CiphaMuzik" . With James Romero's funky and live instrumental, Relself delivers a classic boom bap type of feel with this one making the end result being Top Notch.

Check out the song and grab your free copy below.


About Relself:

There are people that want to be rappers for the fame and fortune but then there are people that rap because it's a more of an artistic need;meet Relself. Inspired by Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek's Train Of Thought album, Relself was drawn into hip-hop in his late teens by writing raps and making beats as a personal therapy. Inevitably, in his early 20s he started putting together songs and has been hooked to creating music ever since. Lyrically, Relself doesn't aim to impress but more to express with complex rhyme schemes, vocal dexterity, and abstract content all while delivering his point of view gained from his life experiences. Production wise, Relself experiments with any sound that catches his ear and pushes his creativity from one track to the next sampling genres such as Classical, R&B, Smooth Jazz, and even Electronica. With no boundaries and no restrictions, Relself is a definite artist to check out if you're looking for something new whether you're a hip-hop lover or just love music.

Find more info on Relself here:


Please send your Drop Scripts, Interview Inquiries, Feedback to:

Live Look at @Brewski773's The Confidence LP

Chicago's Brewski Releases The Confidence LP
Includes YouTube Hit "Chauffeur" and Latest Single "Superman"

Chicago, IL -- April 13, 2015 -- Today marks the release of The Confidence LP, an original eight-song album from Chicago songwriter Brewski. From his fan-favorite track "Chauffeur" which has garnered over a quarter million views on YouTube with no formal promotional push, to his latest singles "Superman Pajamas" and "Superman", The Confidence LP showcases Brewski's versatile flow and knack for crafting infectious hooks.

The Confidence LP is currently available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, and Brewski has also added the project for streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud, AudioMack and YouTube.

Born and raised in Chicago's notorious South Side, Brewski grew up with a single mother and a lot of creative energy. He attended the De La Salle Institute and was the front man for a hardcore rock band, but before long, Hip Hop came calling. His memorable nickname and confident approach got people to listen, but it was his penchant for clever lyrics that created a support system to take him to the next level of recording an album.

Brewski began recording The Confidence LP two years ago, simultaneously taking on college studies in the face of many doubters. He quietly released some videos, including the organically popular "Cocky" visual, but it was when his "Chauffeur" video hit the internet in Spring 2014 that the young rapper became the topic of many a blog convo.

The polarizing moniker "the white Chief Keef" was thrown around to describe his hard-hitting trap vibe, but Brewski still had so much more to offer than a lazy comparison could explain.

Newer videos from the project include the kicked-back flow on "Superman Pajamas", which pays homage to the '90s with a message of acceptance and self-worth. Then Brewski flipped it with a similar title but completely different energy with the the in-your-face, relentless chorus on "Superman".

Meawhile, the song "Illuminati" holds up a magnifying glass to the fickle music industry. "I was talking with some labels and management, and I didn't like what they had to offer," Brewski explains. "People were trying to take control of me and take advantage of me. I chose to stay independent, even if it meant working minimum wage jobs to pay for my recording." While the majors still hover, Brewski maintains his budding indie empire.

The Confidence LP is exactly what it states: a full-length project full of ambition, arrogance, and attitude. Brewski rhymes from a standpoint of a kid who knows exactly who he is.

"The Confidence LP is basically me being confident that rap is my career, and I am 100% who I want to be," he declares. "Superman Pajamas is all about not fitting in, but not giving a fuck. People really embrace you for who you are. That's why I'm doing this album, to bring out the confidence in everyone else. This album is the best introduction of who I am. I am a loud, energetic kid who doesn't give a fuck what people think. Be confident. Fuck everything else."

Follow Brewski on Twitter @Brewski773, Instagram @Brewski773, and

The Confidence LP links
Listen on Spotify
Listen on SoundCloud
Listen on YouTube

Purchase on iTunes -
Purchase on Google -
Purchase on Amazon -


Chicago's Brewski is bringing his ferocious brand of Hip Hop to the masses with the release of The Confidence LP on April 13, 2015.

Growing up, Brewski was the front man in several local rock/metal bands before making the assertive foray into rap in his senior year of high school at De La Salle Institute. He gained a strong buzz nationwide with videos for "Chauffeur" and "Cocky", amassing a loyal following that grows stronger with each new release.

Unrelenting, high-intensity performances are becoming Brewski's trademark,and he has shared the stage with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Big Sean, Twista, and Nappy Roots. Brewski recently headlined his own show at the House of Blues in Chicago, selling out the classic venue. The Confidence LP is just the first taste of how crazy it will get for this young star in coming months.

Follow Brewski

Twitter @Brewski773
Instagram @Brewski773
Facebook @Brewski773

Brewski is available for interviews and appearances

Live Look at The Basement TV | @CaddyVision1

Welcome to THE BASEMENT. Where nothing but the best out of the Columbus (GA) Tri-City area for entertainment will have a showcase for your viewing pleasure. This will be a page where other artist such as singers, rappers, dancers, poets, producers, engineers, actors, actresses, models, authors, and entertainers of all forms can come and represent their product. We don't care where you come from in the Tri-City area you now have a page for updates for The Basement.

Oh and what is The Basement you say? Well between Brad Piff and Terry King Cadillac Jefferson they came up with the concept of making a show like Rap City just for local artist that will be viewed on YouTube with its own channel. They reach out to Sleepy Allowishes to host this show and the three minds have cleverly come up with the concept of how the show should and will be run. There is no one man above this show. The three gentlemen have agreed to take their time to make sure that this will be done right not just for themselves but every person that shall participate on this show and everyone that shall view it. This will not be a showcase to downgrade, chump, jank or talk very bad about any artist in the Tri-City area. We understand that it's hard for one crew to merge with others and that's one of the focus points of this show. We want to make a statement not only to others but to ourselves that we as a Community can come together in positivity and help one another out and progress. We know this will not be an easy task but there has been some hard work involved over the last year that has been in the mix of talk and we have acted on it. We have got some great results so far from many artists in the city so far and as a trio we shall put together the best material for you the audience, consumers and fans.

The show will consist of an interview with an artist, a freestyle segment and an interview with a gorgeousl woman with a career. We understand what sexy is but we want to display a woman with something going on with more than just a pretty face. Every artist has to have some impact on the city or a project of some kind that has already been put out or about to be released to even be considered for an interview. The freestyle session will consist of 1 min for any artist to rip the mic. This segment will be available for singers as well as poets too no matter if you have a project out or not. It is simply word of mouth to who has some skills to represent.
We have truly been working hard to make The Basement a success and as we continue to move forward we shall progress and make more changes to please your viewing pleasure. And when the show is not on you can come here to this page and chat amongst others about what you liked about The Basement and display some of your art. So take a look at some of the pictures and scroll yourself away on the page and keep a look out at what we have in store for you. Stank you for your time and we hope you enjoy what's in store.

Sincerely yours,


Live Look at Leeski - Hashtag | @leeski5000

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