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Live Look at Juellz #KingOfUndergroundMedia

Artist: Juellz Feat. Torae, Sadat X & Samas (prod. Beatowski)
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Arbon, Switzerland & Houston, TX
Single: "Silence Is Golden"

Listen here:

Off the Album: Employee of Art

Artwork: See Below


About the Song:

Loyalty Digital's JulianJuellz presents to you his new album called "Employee of Art"
It is referring to Juellz' dedication to his craft. "Employee of Art" is a collection of different tunes covering a wide range of interesting topics such as irony, life from a deeper perspective, relativity and more!
Juellz never disappoints with his meaningful yet on point lyrics. The Project features heavyweights such as Torae, Skyzoo, NY Oil (from the UMC's) and Sadat X. Also it is worth mentioning that Juellz is swiss and started with no knowledge of the english language. He has been featured on top sites like THESOURCE.COM or INFLEXWETRUST. Also he is member of the global collective "local Mu-12" whose recently released album also got pretty much attention in the scene.

Have a listen and enjoy good old hiphop!

Cover EoA Juellz 1400

About Juellz:

Juellz is a 22 years old emcee from Switzerland. He used to hate Rap back when he was more into Rock. But it was just that shallow opinion you hold when you have no idea. He then had to admit that he liked it a lot in a way. Around that time, Juellz did not speak english at all.
When writing his first rhymes 5 years ago, inspired by mainly Swollen Members and Army of the Pharaohs, his pronunciation was very poor. Fun became serious and what you hear today is the result of passion and tenacity.
He has collaborated with various producers from all around the world plus working with his idols made the dream complete.

"I wouldn't say don't trust nobody.....It's more like...don't trust in the perfection of a human's brain"

▪ Juellz

Find more info on Juellz here:


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Live Look at Varyus Waise #KingOfUndergroundMedia

Artist: Varyus Waise
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Song: "Letter to White People":

Artwork: See below


About the Song:

"Inspired by Frederick Douglass' lecture "What Shall Be Done With The Slaves If Emancipated?", "Letter to White People" is a song written to describe, in my opinion, how race relations are in America between Blacks and White, detailing the history between us from the dawn of civilization to present day. I highlight some pivotal moments and the emotional turmoil that comes from our oppression in an effort to stress understanding and ending the conflicts and discrimination between us.

More healing, less hatred.

Peace and Love...
V. #SaturdayMorningMusic"

Saturday Morning Music Episode 2

About Varyus Waise

Varyus Waise is a hip-hop artist, educator, writer and radio show producer from Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by the stories of those he works with in the inner city, he writes not only to entertain and educate but to aspire for more.

Find more info on Varyus Waise here:

Little Brother Album

Please send your Drop Scripts, Interview Inquiries, Feedback to:'s Producers & DJs Honors Luncheon #BETHipHopAwardsWeekend 2014

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 20: Bigga Rankin, Rapper Hurricane Chris and DJ Bay Bay attend the's Producers & DJs Honors Luncheon at Vibe Lounge on September 20, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Live By Terrence's Wendi)

Special Honorees
Bryan-Michael Cox • Drumma Boy • DJ Mustard • DJ Toomp
Mannie Fresh • Jazze Pha • Luney Tunez • DJ Scream • DJ Holiday
Bigga Rankin • DJ Nina 9 • K. Foxx • DJ Mark Da Spot
DJ Nasty • J Nicks • DJ Bay Bay • L Nyce • DJ SNS
DJ Dr. Doom • DJ 33 1/3 • DJ Mars • DJ Funky • DJ Hi-C • DJ OO Kee
DJ Krunch One • DJ Lomaxx • DJ Klassik • DJ Johnny O

Find more exclusive videos and pictures on our Instagram and Twitter pages at @LiveByTerrence & @_wrenee

S/O to Aleesha Carter for organizing and publicizing a great event in the ATL.

Live Look at Big Lo #KingOfUndergroundMedia

Artist: Big Lo ft. Junky Goods, Stess The Emcee & Mel Funk
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Pensacola, FL
Video:"More Like 2.0":

Artwork: See Below


About the Video:

Big Lo releases the lastest visual entitled "More Like 2.0" off his album "Magnum Opiates".
The song features Junky Goods, Stess The Emcee & Mel Funk and was produced by Timeless.
Check out the video below.


Big Lo (born James Lopez on October 9, 1982), is a Spanish-American Hip Hop emcee and producer now residing in Pensacola, Florida.

Find more info on Big Lo here:


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Live Look at @WeRdoZe #KingOfUndergroundMedia

Artist: WeRdoZe
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Oklahoma City

Stream / Free Download:

Artwork: See Below



The WeRdoZe have returned with their 4th installment. iWeiRd has been critically acclaimed for years in advance. The future is explained in each song, and interestingly things have been getting a little weird now that you think about it. Listen carefully right now, this duo knows music regardless of their age and are extremely talented. Sit back and enjoy the vivid wordplay, exquisite harmonic messages, and downright savvy grooviness the WeRdoZe (pronounced weirdoes) have to offer.
They wish sweet greetings and peaceful tidings to you and your family. It is okay to be weird, We R here. Stay tuned for more WeRdoZe after the tape, back to you world! Follow @WeRdoZe

iweird front cover print

About The WeRdoZe

The WeRdoZe (pronounced “weirdos”) will have an everlasting effect on those here and those yet to come. Peace, love, and weird describe the duo from Oklahoma who are making “weird” the new “cool”. They are so cool; in fact they are KEWL (Killing evil while Living). The WeRdoZe consist of Spreez from the WeRdoZe and B-Meadz from the WeRdoZe. They met at an engineering program and decided to create music that lasts instead of theories that are promising at most. The young duo have 3 projects available, WeiRd, WeiRdeR and The Power EP ep, and they are currently working on their fourth and latest installment to the “WeiRd” movement, “iWeiRd (2014)”.

These 2 dope boys have performed in Atlanta, OKC, St. Louis, and Fort Worth (God willing they will see more). With comparisons to Outkast, Pharcyde, and Poor Righteous Teachers, the WeRdoZe plan on doing great things in the ’14. They represent one of the hottest movements in Oklahoma, Fly By Any Means. Building a Dynasty with Sitobckwrdz aka Yung O (Y.O.) will most definitely catch the eyes of anyone who recognizes and acknowledges that hard work and determination always pay off. They have made it clear that they want to keep it weiRd and keep God first forever. It is time to get #WeiRd.

Be sure to be on the lookout for these weird dudes and their hit single, “Hello”. In the meantime, go ahead and go over to Youtube and search “WeRdoZe”. What R you doing still reading this? Go ahead and go to WSHH ( and watch some of their videos. 2014 is the year of WeiRd and they will not be denied, the ladies love them weirdos. When the 2 were asked, “Why WeiRd?”, they simply responded. “Why not.” ( And they left the room.)

Find more info on The WeRdoZe here:


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Live Look at 5 ELA

Artist: 5 ELA
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Detroit, MI
Video: "5 ELEMENTZ::Don't Stop":
off the EP: "YesterYears"
Stream / Download:
Artwork: See below


About the Video:

5 ELAs's original producer James "J Dilla" Yancey was the craftmaster of the sound of Detroit neo-soul hip hop from the 1990s, when he recorded locally with his talented peers in his family's Conant Gardens basement before earning worldwide fame as one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time. Many original classics have never been shared with the world, but now for the first time the 5 Elementz "YesterYears" EP (1994) has been released for digital sale, available at The project features the original songs remastered, including "Don't Stop", a project that helped Thyme, Mudd and Proof (of D12) launch 5 ELA as one of the most legendary groups in Detroit Hip Hop history.

The "5 ELEMENTZ :: Don't Stop" music video is a sonic voyage between the classic 5 ELA rock over Jay Dee masterpieces that was known throughout the Hip Hop Shop, directly influencing artists like Eminem, Slum Village and Elzhi, and their STARFLEET Official Galaxy Sound of today, featuring producer Black Bethoven with his remix of "5 ELEMENTZ". The two songs are bridged with a performance from Detroit master turntablist DJ Los, soundtracking the video's story that takes places in the streets of Motown.

All 5 Elementz of Hip Hop are visualized in "5 ELEMENTZ :: Don't Stop", including Thyme and Mudd representing for true MCs, the graffiti artwork of Sintex, one of Detroit's most prestiged urban artists, and live dance footage Bgirl MaMa and Stringz of Hardcore Detroit, the city's most acclaimed grassroots breaking crew. Cameo appearances include Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey (the mother of the late J Dilla), DJ Head, DJ Dez, DJ LaJedi, Ambiance, comedian Spanky Hayes, the real Cheddar Bob, Vaine of Say Something, Sacramento Knoxx of The Raiz Up and more.

The "5 ELEMENTZ :: Don't Stop" music video was produced by Common Breath Media, filmed and directed by Steve Furay, whose previous music videos and work as an arts writer for The Michigan Citizen newspaper have helped redefine Detroit Hip Hop in the 21st Century. Common Breath Media ( is a 
multimedia web magazine for Hip Hop culture and global peace, STARFLEET Official.

STARFLEET Official is the artist collective featuring 5 ELA, Black Bethoven, DJ LaJedi and more, founded in Detroit as a cooperative gathering of light bearing musicians and media creators, rooted in the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Black Bethoven's debut LP "Heat" is now available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and more.

5 ELEMENTZ Dont Stop promo web

About 5 ELA

5 ELA are Detroit Hip Hop Champions, the 7 Mile Road Star Children of Motown who helped craft the art of Hip Hop in D-Mecca, from the Hip Hop Shop and Saint Andrews Hall in the 1990s to the STARFLEET Official Galaxy Sound of today. Mudd and Thyme continue the mission of growing 5 ELA to be one of the most influential Hip Hop groups of all time, and as their artistry continues to grow alongside the legacy of their partners Proof and J Dilla, they have once again ELAvated the frequency of Detroit Hip Hop funk with STARFLEET producer Black Bethoven.

Find more info on 5 ELA here:


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Live Look at 50 Cent "Pilot"

Artist: 50 Cent
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: New York City, NY
Video: "Pilot" :
off the Album: "Animal Ambition" (June 3rd, 2014)
Artwork & Screenshot: See Below


About the Video:

After giving us audio and visuals last week for ‘Hold On’ and the Yo Gotti-asissted ‘Don’t Worry ‘Bout It’, 50 Cent shows no signs of slowing down as he kicks off this week with the release of a fresh new video titled ‘Pilot’. The dope cut is the latest offering from Curtis as part of his plans to release a new track every week up until May 20th.

"Me, I'm like a pilot, G5 jet I'm fly as sh*t. You cannot deny it oh no no no no. B*tches be on my dick, designer threads I'm fly as sh*t. You cannot deny it oh no no no no. Better back up off me, b*tch, watch me ball" raps 50 Cent on the infectious hook. Production on 'Pilot' was handled by Shamtrax.

All these weekly releases are leading up to 50 Cent's fifth studio LP 'Animal Ambition', which is scheduled to hit stores June 3rd. After that project, 50 plans on following up with his long awaited and oft-delayed 'Street King Immortal' album. Take a listen to 'Pilot' below

50 Cent - Animal Ambition - Low-Res-Artwork
50 Cent - Pilot (Videopremiere)

Live Look at Onyx produced by Snowgoons

Artist: Onyx
Produced by: Snowgoons
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Germany & New York City, NY
Video: "Whut Whut" :
off the Album: "#WAKEDAFUCUP" (March 18, 2014)
Purchase here:
Artwork & Screenshot: See Below


About the Album:

Early-'90s hardcore rap crew Onyx are coming back together this year to release brand new album Wakedafucup. Produced entirely by German crew Snowgoons, the forthcoming set seems to feature a throwback East Coast sound to match the record's reminiscent name — Onyx's 1993 debut LP was dubbed Bacdafucup, for those who missed the boom-bap history lesson.

Snowgoons produced the last M.O.P. album titled Sparta as well produced the Goondox project consists of EPMD's PMD & Sean Strange.
The feature list goes from Sean Price, Reks, Cormega, Dope DOD, Snak The Ripper, Papoose, Makem Pay to A$ap Ferg. To be released march 9th via Universal / Goon MuSick & Mad Money Movement.


Find more info on Snowgoons here:

Twitter Snowgoons
Facebook Snowgoons

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