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Ray J "Curtains Closed" - Beautiful New Single!

As debuted on Bossip today, Ray J brings us some joy with "Curtains Closed", an amazing ballad that speaks to the evolution of his love, life and happiness. This song available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon today via KnockOut Entertainment and BMB Entertainment.

"Curtains Closed" on AudioMack

"Curtains Closed" on iTunes:

Follow Ray J:

Tygereye logo w/ writing

Silk Performs Live During Labor Day Weekend 2015

September 9. 2015 - Silk made their presence felt at the Silk Live In Concert event featuring Comedian Mario Tory, Established, and sounds by DJ Holleywood. It was so awesome and great to hear great R&B music again especially live and in person with these guys. They brought the 90s swag and music that propelled them to become a platinum selling group. Salute Silk, Mario Tory, DJ Holleywood, Established, Kee Dawson, and DJ Ice Myke for all the hard work for putting together such at great night out in Opelika, Alabama. Video of their Meeting In The Bedroom performance is below. More to come...

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia Joins Brewski on "Superman RMX"

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia teams with Chicago rapper Brewski in this new visual for the "Superman RMX", which also features lyrcist Brody Price. The original version of this Louis Lando-produced track appears on Brewski's The Confidence LP, which is available now on all digital outlets.

Follow Brewski on Twitter @Brewski773, Instagram @Brewski773 and

or click on the image below

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Live Look at Daniel Brooks | @dbrooks_music

Valley, Alabama musician Daniel Brooks got his musical start as the bass player for a local cover band, Fifth Element in 2003, where he cut his teeth playing many bars and private parties. In 2006, while in college in Troy, Alabama, he met a fellow musician and formed the duo Stoned Cold Happiness. Stoned Cold Happiness would continue to play weekly around the local music scene until 2008. In 2009 Daniel would begin to venture into solo music, focusing on honing his skills on the acoustic guitar. In 2012, by happenstance of a late night jam session, Daniel and fellow musician Brett McDaniel laid the groundwork for Daniel & McDaniel, an Americana-Folk inspired acoustic duo. In early 2015, Daniel and Robbie Sellers formed the duo Pell Avenue and are currently working on their first album while playing the Southeast. Currently Daniel is also working on a rock/county acoustic duo with his brother, former lead singer of Fifth Element, MarDe Brooks under the name Brooks. Be on the lookout for Daniel as his music career progresses. Check out his interview with #KingOfUndergroundMedia below.

Live Look at Jimmy ValenTime The Spectacular Now | @jimmyvalentime

Artist: Jimmy ValenTime
Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Bronx, NY
Free Single: "The Spectacular Now":
off the new Album: "Better Luck Tomorrow"
Stream / Purchase:
Twitter: @jimmyvalentime @IStillLoveHER
Artwork: See Below



Better Luck Tomorrow is Jimmy ValenTime's sophomore album and it shows both his growth as an artist and person. The songs capture the dark side of living the fast life in New York City. Jimmy adds, "The album is about all the different women, who have affected me in the last few years."

The album explores a more mature subject matter than his 2011 debut Life in Amazin Times. Better Luck Tomorrow is about living with the choices you make and learning some things will not change. The album is also about finding the strength to be the best person you can be regardless of circumstance. Jimmy explains “This album is me with all my influences distilled in to my own life. There's a big shift between the two albums, before you could hear me copy my influences like Common or Nas, now you hear me talk about the things that matter to me.”

Lead Single "Bad Decisions" details the way two people react to a causal hook up that leaves the both of them empty. Jimmy explains “I wrote the song for a real person, somebody I was friends with that always seemed to make the wrong choices. She was a sweet girl, but always on the verge of self-destruction. I tried to imagine what cause her to be the way she was.” Spring single "Dancin" (On a Pole) again captured a real moment in Jimmy Valentime's life , using his trademark humor to describe a strip club from a regular guys prospective. Jimmy says the song is “about me going to a strip club and a woman trying to put all her troubles on my shoulder. At a certain point I had to cut her off and be like ‘this isn’t what I came here for"

Jimmy Valentime 2011 single and tribute to Nas "Take It in Blood" gets a remastering and is finally available for sale. Jimmy was able to get the blessing of his idol Nas record label Columbia to clear the record in time for the album. Jimmy adds “It's an honor to include this cover on my album and I feel it lets people see where I came from and who I was inspired by.” “Movin On” originally from The Lost Angel’s debut “Together, We Stand Alone” gets remade as a solo song and chronicles the aftermath of Jimmy’s best friend losing his mother in a car accident.

“The Spectacular Now” is the new single for Better Luck Tomorrow with production by Willie Green who has produced for and worked with Billy Woods and Wiz Khalifa. “The Spectacular Now” is a lyrical exercise as jimmy mocks rappers who can’t rhyme and use gimmicks and social media to get popular. The track is being offer as a free download till May 25th to celebrate the launch of the album.

Album  Cover A

About Jimmy ValenTime:

Jimmy ValenTime was born and raised in the South Bronx to a Latina mother and European father. Jimmy ValenTime is a fixture of the in New York City Underground having been featured in XXL and on NBC (CH 4-NY) and He has received over 50,000 online music plays over the course of his career. Jimmy ValenTime has worked with and collaborated with such diverse artist as Static Selektah, French Montana, and Hot Rod (G-unit). Jimmy Valentime has had his records broadcast in markets such as Germany, New Zealand, and Japan.

Find more info on Jimmy ValenTime here:

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Live Look at J-Merk | @jmurdermc2006

Artist: J-Merk
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Chicago, IL
Video: "Wake Up":
Off the Album: Born Dead
Stream/Purchase here:
Artwork: See Below
Twitter: @jmurdermc2006 @IStillLoveHER



Rapper and producer J-Merk releases his latest video "Wake Up" off his most recent LP "Born Dead".

The full-length record has been proudly published on the Just-Us Music independent label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. It comprises approximately 40 minutes of heavy-hitting urban poetry and powerful back beats in 13 original tracks. In addition to the rhymes of J-Merk, himself, “Born Dead” also features the talents of popular Swedish producer BBZ Darney. Neck-deep in groove, socially poignant and strikingly well-written, “Born Dead” by J-Merk is sure to be remembered as one of the most important indie rap releases of 2015.

The remarkably immersive, extremely well-orchestrated music of “Born Dead” creates a kaleidoscopic backdrop against which J-Merk delivers his lines. This swirling blend of music and samples forms a large part of the undeniable draw of “Born Dead,” a record which comes out of the gate swinging and doesn't let up. Still, it is the razor-sharp writing and seemingly perfect flow of J-Merk's rap which truly steals the limelight.

Commenting on the themes of his new LP, J-Merk writes, “This album is conceptual. It's about life in a modern age, an age ruled by manipulation via TV, the radio, and smart phones. People walk the streets like zombies without communicating with each other … Science failed us in a way. People are connected more than ever, yet we can't even have conversations with people over the phone, ha ha!”

Like every other phrase painstakingly crafted to a 'T' on his new album, the title is also significant.

“It's like we are all born dead now,” writes the artist, invoking the name of his record, “every day living to die. [My album's] about being numb and living with hurt and pain and moving on. It's about life and culture in today's society.”

While a great many hip-hop mixtapes are dropped to which a broad variety of people do not necessarily relate, “Born Dead” speaks a message fans of any genre can understand, a record in which anybody can find personal meaning.

J-Merk writes, “Many people have been let down by our government, or by people they trust. It's an album about being born dead in today's society – a wasteland almost, ha ha. I make music for all the people in the world without a voice or artistic ability to express themselves. I make music for the voiceless people of our generation.”

“Born Dead” by J-Merk and feat. BBZ Darney is available online worldwide. Get in early, rap fans. The “Born Dead” LP album is currently being offered at a special price from the artist's official Bandcamp website (link provided below).

image1  1
About J-Merk

J-Merk is a 25-year-old rap artist born and raised in Chicago. He has been writing rap lyrics since the age of 12 and producing music in the studio since the age of 15. Since that time he has worked with multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated producers, as well as with many talented and established rap artists from all over the world. His debut EP appeared in 2012.

“Born Dead” is only one of several official releases slated to drop from J-Merk in 2015.

Find more info on J-Merk here:


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Live Look at @LynnTate ft. @IssaIam - Like I Love You

Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - Blast
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B1
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B2
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B3
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B4
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B5
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B6
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B7

Live Look at Alphamale | @AlphaMale_SA

Artist: Alphamale
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: New York City, NY
Video: "All Sides of Alpha":
Pre-Order Album:
Artwork: See Below
Twitter: @alphamale_sa @tonybella @ivbfilms @IStillLoveHER


About the Video:

The "All Sides of Alpha" video was shot and edited by IVB Films. This is the intro to Alphamale's album also titled All Sides of Alpha. It is a quick view into the many personailities of Alphamale. The track produced by Tony Bella ties three different styles into one raw track.

ALPHA- UNDER CD  1400 x 1400

About Alphamale

Alphamale is a New York based artist with a unmatched passion and raw approach to hip hop. Pairing his lyrical ability with grit and a love for the art, every song takes you into the mind of Alphamale. Sharing the stages with the likes of Sean P, Mobb Deep, Bubba Sparxx and Ces Cru within the past year Alphamale is quickly expanding his network.

In early 2014 Alphamale published a book "This Is Alpha" which he is following up with his album set to drop March 1st titled "All Sides of Alpha". This album takes you through the many different styles of hip hop Alphamale is capable of creating from party to real talk tracks. His hopes are to reach his listeners on a different level and really connect.

Find more info on Alphamale here:

Facebook Label

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