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Live Look at J-Merk | @jmurdermc2006

Artist: J-Merk
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Chicago, IL
Video: "Wake Up":
Off the Album: Born Dead
Stream/Purchase here:
Artwork: See Below
Twitter: @jmurdermc2006 @IStillLoveHER



Rapper and producer J-Merk releases his latest video "Wake Up" off his most recent LP "Born Dead".

The full-length record has been proudly published on the Just-Us Music independent label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. It comprises approximately 40 minutes of heavy-hitting urban poetry and powerful back beats in 13 original tracks. In addition to the rhymes of J-Merk, himself, “Born Dead” also features the talents of popular Swedish producer BBZ Darney. Neck-deep in groove, socially poignant and strikingly well-written, “Born Dead” by J-Merk is sure to be remembered as one of the most important indie rap releases of 2015.

The remarkably immersive, extremely well-orchestrated music of “Born Dead” creates a kaleidoscopic backdrop against which J-Merk delivers his lines. This swirling blend of music and samples forms a large part of the undeniable draw of “Born Dead,” a record which comes out of the gate swinging and doesn't let up. Still, it is the razor-sharp writing and seemingly perfect flow of J-Merk's rap which truly steals the limelight.

Commenting on the themes of his new LP, J-Merk writes, “This album is conceptual. It's about life in a modern age, an age ruled by manipulation via TV, the radio, and smart phones. People walk the streets like zombies without communicating with each other … Science failed us in a way. People are connected more than ever, yet we can't even have conversations with people over the phone, ha ha!”

Like every other phrase painstakingly crafted to a 'T' on his new album, the title is also significant.

“It's like we are all born dead now,” writes the artist, invoking the name of his record, “every day living to die. [My album's] about being numb and living with hurt and pain and moving on. It's about life and culture in today's society.”

While a great many hip-hop mixtapes are dropped to which a broad variety of people do not necessarily relate, “Born Dead” speaks a message fans of any genre can understand, a record in which anybody can find personal meaning.

J-Merk writes, “Many people have been let down by our government, or by people they trust. It's an album about being born dead in today's society – a wasteland almost, ha ha. I make music for all the people in the world without a voice or artistic ability to express themselves. I make music for the voiceless people of our generation.”

“Born Dead” by J-Merk and feat. BBZ Darney is available online worldwide. Get in early, rap fans. The “Born Dead” LP album is currently being offered at a special price from the artist's official Bandcamp website (link provided below).

image1  1
About J-Merk

J-Merk is a 25-year-old rap artist born and raised in Chicago. He has been writing rap lyrics since the age of 12 and producing music in the studio since the age of 15. Since that time he has worked with multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated producers, as well as with many talented and established rap artists from all over the world. His debut EP appeared in 2012.

“Born Dead” is only one of several official releases slated to drop from J-Merk in 2015.

Find more info on J-Merk here:


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Live Look at @LynnTate ft. @IssaIam - Like I Love You

Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - Blast
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B1
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B2
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B3
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B4
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B5
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B6
Breezy - Lynn Tate - LILU - B7

Live Look at Alphamale | @AlphaMale_SA

Artist: Alphamale
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: New York City, NY
Video: "All Sides of Alpha":
Pre-Order Album:
Artwork: See Below
Twitter: @alphamale_sa @tonybella @ivbfilms @IStillLoveHER


About the Video:

The "All Sides of Alpha" video was shot and edited by IVB Films. This is the intro to Alphamale's album also titled All Sides of Alpha. It is a quick view into the many personailities of Alphamale. The track produced by Tony Bella ties three different styles into one raw track.

ALPHA- UNDER CD  1400 x 1400

About Alphamale

Alphamale is a New York based artist with a unmatched passion and raw approach to hip hop. Pairing his lyrical ability with grit and a love for the art, every song takes you into the mind of Alphamale. Sharing the stages with the likes of Sean P, Mobb Deep, Bubba Sparxx and Ces Cru within the past year Alphamale is quickly expanding his network.

In early 2014 Alphamale published a book "This Is Alpha" which he is following up with his album set to drop March 1st titled "All Sides of Alpha". This album takes you through the many different styles of hip hop Alphamale is capable of creating from party to real talk tracks. His hopes are to reach his listeners on a different level and really connect.

Find more info on Alphamale here:

Facebook Label

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Live Look at Lil Mook - Get It Off My Chest | @Lil_Mook_BBE

New exclusive from Alabama artist Lil Mook called “Get It Off My Chest”. Mook just lost his artist Young Whoa in a car crash this morning and he speaks on that. He also speaks on his situation with Rich Homie Quan. New mixtape on the way.

Live Look at Connor Cassidy - FrameWork feat. Kyle Bent | @ConnorTKCassidy

"Never feel like you gotta fit the frame of what's around you. Take pride in creating your own."

Live Look at Auburn Airwaves Concert | @AuburnUPC

Nelly performance during Auburn Airwaves Concert in Auburn, AL, Saturday, April 18, 2015

Auburn, AL - Auburn University and the World Famous Toomer's Corner were the site for the 2015 Auburn Airwaves Concert featuring Nelly, Nick Jonas, & Kesha. Following Auburn University's A-Day spring football game, Auburn UPC put together a stellar lineup that can rival any concert event free for the fans and citizens of Auburn University and the surrounding community that kicked off at 6 p.m. Central Time. The crowd was very electrifying during all performances and it was definitely a treat for all ages. You can see photos of fans, performer and more on the link below plus a few snippets of performances. 

Video Snippets

Live Look at VH1 #BlackInkCrew's Puma & Quani | @Puma213 @Quani_Dee

Paul "Puma" Robinson, and Quani Robinson, VH1's highly controversial yet widely respected Reality TV personality. Known for being the "black sheep" on VH1's Black Ink Crew, Mr. Robinson has begun a campaign tour called #PaintMeTheVillian: Meet The Robinsons. This tour is to promote how he is more than just a reality television star, but a visionary with a plan. A visionary of all forms of art, with roots from contemporary urban culture-who also knows when and where to have fun, though popular belief feels otherwise. Let him tell you his story, his truth.

Live Look at Relself's CiphaMuzik (Top Notch)

Artist: Relself
Genre: Hip Hop
Location: Waco, TX
Song: "CiphaMuzik (Top Notch)"
Stream / Free Download:


About the Song:

Relself puts you in a trance and gives you someting to ride to with his new single "CiphaMuzik" . With James Romero's funky and live instrumental, Relself delivers a classic boom bap type of feel with this one making the end result being Top Notch.

Check out the song and grab your free copy below.


About Relself:

There are people that want to be rappers for the fame and fortune but then there are people that rap because it's a more of an artistic need;meet Relself. Inspired by Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek's Train Of Thought album, Relself was drawn into hip-hop in his late teens by writing raps and making beats as a personal therapy. Inevitably, in his early 20s he started putting together songs and has been hooked to creating music ever since. Lyrically, Relself doesn't aim to impress but more to express with complex rhyme schemes, vocal dexterity, and abstract content all while delivering his point of view gained from his life experiences. Production wise, Relself experiments with any sound that catches his ear and pushes his creativity from one track to the next sampling genres such as Classical, R&B, Smooth Jazz, and even Electronica. With no boundaries and no restrictions, Relself is a definite artist to check out if you're looking for something new whether you're a hip-hop lover or just love music.

Find more info on Relself here:


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