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Live Look at 5 ELA

Artist: 5 ELA
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Detroit, MI
Video: "5 ELEMENTZ::Don't Stop":
off the EP: "YesterYears"
Stream / Download:
Artwork: See below


About the Video:

5 ELAs's original producer James "J Dilla" Yancey was the craftmaster of the sound of Detroit neo-soul hip hop from the 1990s, when he recorded locally with his talented peers in his family's Conant Gardens basement before earning worldwide fame as one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time. Many original classics have never been shared with the world, but now for the first time the 5 Elementz "YesterYears" EP (1994) has been released for digital sale, available at The project features the original songs remastered, including "Don't Stop", a project that helped Thyme, Mudd and Proof (of D12) launch 5 ELA as one of the most legendary groups in Detroit Hip Hop history.

The "5 ELEMENTZ :: Don't Stop" music video is a sonic voyage between the classic 5 ELA rock over Jay Dee masterpieces that was known throughout the Hip Hop Shop, directly influencing artists like Eminem, Slum Village and Elzhi, and their STARFLEET Official Galaxy Sound of today, featuring producer Black Bethoven with his remix of "5 ELEMENTZ". The two songs are bridged with a performance from Detroit master turntablist DJ Los, soundtracking the video's story that takes places in the streets of Motown.

All 5 Elementz of Hip Hop are visualized in "5 ELEMENTZ :: Don't Stop", including Thyme and Mudd representing for true MCs, the graffiti artwork of Sintex, one of Detroit's most prestiged urban artists, and live dance footage Bgirl MaMa and Stringz of Hardcore Detroit, the city's most acclaimed grassroots breaking crew. Cameo appearances include Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey (the mother of the late J Dilla), DJ Head, DJ Dez, DJ LaJedi, Ambiance, comedian Spanky Hayes, the real Cheddar Bob, Vaine of Say Something, Sacramento Knoxx of The Raiz Up and more.

The "5 ELEMENTZ :: Don't Stop" music video was produced by Common Breath Media, filmed and directed by Steve Furay, whose previous music videos and work as an arts writer for The Michigan Citizen newspaper have helped redefine Detroit Hip Hop in the 21st Century. Common Breath Media ( is a 
multimedia web magazine for Hip Hop culture and global peace, STARFLEET Official.

STARFLEET Official is the artist collective featuring 5 ELA, Black Bethoven, DJ LaJedi and more, founded in Detroit as a cooperative gathering of light bearing musicians and media creators, rooted in the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Black Bethoven's debut LP "Heat" is now available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and more.

5 ELEMENTZ Dont Stop promo web

About 5 ELA

5 ELA are Detroit Hip Hop Champions, the 7 Mile Road Star Children of Motown who helped craft the art of Hip Hop in D-Mecca, from the Hip Hop Shop and Saint Andrews Hall in the 1990s to the STARFLEET Official Galaxy Sound of today. Mudd and Thyme continue the mission of growing 5 ELA to be one of the most influential Hip Hop groups of all time, and as their artistry continues to grow alongside the legacy of their partners Proof and J Dilla, they have once again ELAvated the frequency of Detroit Hip Hop funk with STARFLEET producer Black Bethoven.

Find more info on 5 ELA here:


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Live Look at 50 Cent "Pilot"

Artist: 50 Cent
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: New York City, NY
Video: "Pilot" :
off the Album: "Animal Ambition" (June 3rd, 2014)
Artwork & Screenshot: See Below


About the Video:

After giving us audio and visuals last week for ‘Hold On’ and the Yo Gotti-asissted ‘Don’t Worry ‘Bout It’, 50 Cent shows no signs of slowing down as he kicks off this week with the release of a fresh new video titled ‘Pilot’. The dope cut is the latest offering from Curtis as part of his plans to release a new track every week up until May 20th.

"Me, I'm like a pilot, G5 jet I'm fly as sh*t. You cannot deny it oh no no no no. B*tches be on my dick, designer threads I'm fly as sh*t. You cannot deny it oh no no no no. Better back up off me, b*tch, watch me ball" raps 50 Cent on the infectious hook. Production on 'Pilot' was handled by Shamtrax.

All these weekly releases are leading up to 50 Cent's fifth studio LP 'Animal Ambition', which is scheduled to hit stores June 3rd. After that project, 50 plans on following up with his long awaited and oft-delayed 'Street King Immortal' album. Take a listen to 'Pilot' below

50 Cent - Animal Ambition - Low-Res-Artwork
50 Cent - Pilot (Videopremiere)

Live Look at Onyx produced by Snowgoons

Artist: Onyx
Produced by: Snowgoons
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Germany & New York City, NY
Video: "Whut Whut" :
off the Album: "#WAKEDAFUCUP" (March 18, 2014)
Purchase here:
Artwork & Screenshot: See Below


About the Album:

Early-'90s hardcore rap crew Onyx are coming back together this year to release brand new album Wakedafucup. Produced entirely by German crew Snowgoons, the forthcoming set seems to feature a throwback East Coast sound to match the record's reminiscent name — Onyx's 1993 debut LP was dubbed Bacdafucup, for those who missed the boom-bap history lesson.

Snowgoons produced the last M.O.P. album titled Sparta as well produced the Goondox project consists of EPMD's PMD & Sean Strange.
The feature list goes from Sean Price, Reks, Cormega, Dope DOD, Snak The Ripper, Papoose, Makem Pay to A$ap Ferg. To be released march 9th via Universal / Goon MuSick & Mad Money Movement.


Find more info on Snowgoons here:

Twitter Snowgoons
Facebook Snowgoons

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Live Look at Hayes ft. Spoons & 8TH

Artist: Hayes (Feat. Spoons & 8TH)
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Providence, RI
Video: "Ocean State of the Art":
off the Album: "u​.​s. A Cry For Help"
Stream / Download:
Artwork: See below


About the Video:

""u.s. A Cry For Help" is a reflection of life in the U.S.A. It cuts out any cookie cutter image of society and gets into the grittiness. Art is a reflection of decay as Ernst Fischer quoted, and that's exactly what I tried to do with this album. It has a few powerhouse Rhode Island features including Swann Notty, Milez Grimez, and 8TH. 8TH also produced a majority of the album alongside producers CMAC, PDubb, and Sicilian Vibration. Fellow Night Enders also accompany a few tracks. There's a video for the single "Ocean State of the Art" featuring Spoons and 8TH. It's a song about life in Rhode Island and repping it's unbelievable underground talent."
- Hayes

Find links to the video and album below.

Insert Front
About Hayes

Hayes is currently living Providence, RI. He's part of a Rhode Island hip-hop group called Night Enders. The group has been working together since 2009 and released their first album "Counting Sheep" in 2011. In 2012 they released a follow album titled "Island of the Misfit Toys." Hayes recently dropped his debut solo album "u.s. A Cry For Help in Fall of 2013. He's currently in the process of another LP set to drop sometime in the summer of 2014 titled "Entering Providence."

Find more info on Hayes here:


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Live Look at QuePac

Artist: QuePac
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Brooklyn, NY
EP: "QuePac"
Stream / Free Download:
Artwork: See Below


About the EP:

From battling alcoholism to an all out swat-ninja assault on Fox News, QuePac’s debut EP explores a dynamic range of styles and content within 5 tracks (and a 6th bonus track which is one of the most brutal diss tracks in years). Though diverse, the project remains unified through its focus on the Brooklyn Wildlife art scene, offering portraits of the lives and ideas of artists bubbling from the Bushwick underground. The production on the EP keeps heads nodding, while the lyrics appeal to lovers of commercial music and hip hop purists alike. While this is QuePac’s first EP, members of QuePac have been featured on Shade45, Kevin Nottingham, 8th Boro, and many other notable blogs and hip hop outlets. The new group can be found at and Their manager can be reached via email at

The EP features production from Tony Bella (Debrah Cox, Paige), July Quin, Double A, No Surrender and 5 Star Beatz, with guest appearances from Shane MauX (of the acclaimed group, Duk Duk Goose), Sharina Marisela, and the infamous DJ duo TeamEviL. Each track’s artwork also features portraits by Eat the Cake NYC (who has worked on photo/film projects with Rex Arrow, Mac Miller, Homeboy Sandman and others).

QuePac is a collaboration between long-time Brooklyn favorites Que Cee and Paco the Dopest Nerd (also from Duk Duk Goose). The team-up sprouted out of the vibrant Bushwick music scene, where some of the most innovative sounds in Brooklyn are emerging, and from which most of their inspiration for this project is drawn. Independently, they have performed shows at major New York venues such as Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theater, Public Assembly, Sullivan Hall, as well as at out of state venues and music festivals like Afro-Punk and StereoTerra.

QuePac EP Cover
Find more info on QuePac here:

Twitter @dukgoose
Twitter @qc115th
Instagram @dukgoose
Instagram @qc115th

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Live Look at Sacramento Knoxx

Artist: Sacramento Knoxx
Genre: Musical Documentary
Location: Detroit, MI
Video: "NiiMiDAA | Idle No More | ZagaaJibiiSing Solidarity":
Screenshot: See below


About the Documentary:

Multitalented Anishinaabe producer, MC and Detroit Raiz Up Collective member, Sacramento Knoxx, has produced a new short documentary, “NiiMiDAA” which translates to ‘Let’s Dance’ in the Anishinaabemowin native language, in support of the Idle No More movement.

Featuring footage from the #RoundDanceRevolution and interviews with artists and organizers including Chantel Henry, Dylan Miner, and Don Lyons, the short film also includes a new music video for Sacramento Knoxx’s anthemic #IdleNoMore-inspired hip-hop track “Dear Vaughn”.

It's bigger than hip hop, so the doc concludes with footage from Idle No More solidarity rallies held in the Detroit-Windsor areas and provides background and context on this ever-evolving Indigenous resurgence and revitalization movement.

Produced by The Raiz Up Hip Hop Collective in solidarity with Idle No More, ZagaaJibiiSing aka (Detroit-Windsor) is Anishinaabemowin for ‘place that sticks out the river’.

The Raiz Up is a Detroit-based crew that uses hip-hop as a tool to create social awareness in their community through community dialogue, artistic creation and collective action. Combining Indigenous cultural roots with hip-hop connections is all part of their ongoing decolonization work to build community and create art and music:

Native American activism holds a prominent place in the group’s work as well. Most RAIZ UP members identify with indigenous culture and the group actively promotes decolonization, the reclaiming of native language and culture.

Members have dropped Native American banners from buildings, helped organize and document an Idle No More dance at Fairlane Mall, and put together an Ojibwe art installation to decolonize space at a traditional native site in Flint. They’re also interested in raising awareness about an Native American burial mound at Historic Fort Wayne in Southwest Detroit.

“NiiMiDAA” captures the heartbeat of Idle No More with passion and vitality; and Knoxx and his crew make it clear that the spirit of the movement lives on.


About Sacramento Knoxx

Detroit Music Producer / Artist / Stereo Crew Member/ Activist / Xicano / Anishnabe / Documentary Film Maker / Hip Hop Educator / MSU Alumni & ODPhi-AB

My artistry begins with music and I played violin as a kid, learned jazz as a teenager, and been making beats since my first heart beat into the Yepez Familia.

Grew up on the Southwest side of Detroit, I'm from Xicano and Ojibwe cultures by the ways of Monterrey, Nuevo León & Walpole Island First Nations Great Lakes peoples. Played the trumpet with a jazz ensemble through out my teen years traveling the city. Started breaking, writing, looping, and rapping through out high school. Made instrumentals as a hobby at Michigan State University studying under the Telecommunication Information Studies & Digital Media Arts Program & Music Theory at the music college. After graduating from MSU I recently started focusing on a multimedia arts path doing musical & visual independent art.

I am skilled in Video Production. Photography. Cinematography. Audio Production & Sound Design. Lighting Effects & Design. Project Coordinating. Recording Engineering. Composing & Arranging. Documentary Film Making.

Not only do I believe music is medicine, I believe it's a powerful expression that can be used for change & elevation and I am a voice for my people through my art.


Find more info on Sacramento Knoxx here:

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Live Look at Big Fee "Vader Mean"

Artist: Big Fee ft. Brown Bomber 313 & Stereo Boyz
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Detroit, MI
Video: "Vader Mean"
Stream / Free Download:
Screenshot: See Below


About the Video:

Sith in the Streets; The New Big 3 of Detroit. Big Fee, Stereo Boyz and Tha Brown Bomber 313 have joined forces and destroying Al-deron places at the right time, in this new track off Big Fee's upcoming 2nd album "&ONE Full Metal Emcee"


About Big Fee:

An artist that has always taken pride in his Southwest Detroit neighborhood, William (Big Fee) Feeley avoided becoming just another statistic by finding his way out of a troublesome street life when he began experimenting with Hip Hop music back in 2002 when he released his first project called “Spazmatic Recess.” Continuously evolving and making a conscious effort to learn different music genres, Big Fee has firmly staked his claim as a clever lyricist and exceptional producer throughout his ten year span on the Michigan music scene.

His newly finished project, respectfully titled ‘23’ (insert Jordan reference here,) is a non-stop ride of 18 tracks appropriately themed and organized to give the listener a concept album that’s just as fun as it is deep and meaningful. Fee has done the production on 17 of the 18 tracks himself, which is a skillful display of hard-hitting bangers spiced up with plenty of ear candy and a meticulous detail that doesn’t sound “over-produced.”

Music lovers and hip hop heads are already comfortable seeing this name around the Detroit scene and are looking forward to seeing Fee’s presence nationally as well. With plans to step on the other side of the microphone and be an asset solely as a producer, Big Fee states “There are some plans in the works I’m not really at liberty to talk about yet. But, I’ve been linking up with a lot of top-tier artists from around my way and sitting through a lot of creative studio sessions, so all I’m gonna say is there’s a lot more than talk goin’ on.”

Find more info on Big Fee here:


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Live Look at Champ ft. Stunna334 - DARK KNIGHT SHORT FILM


Live Look at Stereo Boyz

Artist: Stereo Boyz
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Location: Detroit, MI
Song: "Drago (Remix by Applauze Beetz)"
Stream / Free Download:
Video: "Drago":
off the Album: "Carz, Clubz & Theaterz"
Artwork: See below


About the Song:

The Stereo Boyz release another free remix of "Drago", the fourth single off their album "Carz, Clubz & Theaterz". The Remix was done by Applauze Beetz, also known as Mixo, MC and producer of the Stereo Boyz.

Applauze Beetz put his own spin on the Sacramento Knoxx' produced track "Drago" with a more New School, Alternative style.

Grab your free copy via the Stereo Boyz' soundcloud. And if you haven't checked out the "Drago" video yet, find a link to it below.

The song "Drago" is an ode to overcoming diversities, to being like Rocky, when the world is coming at you like Drago.

"There's nothing you can't beat"

This song is Hip Hop. It isn't about making a song following a formula to produce a hit. This song is about putting your heart into it, about Bars and Revolution.

Drago Cover 2
About Stereo Boyz

The Stereo Boyz consist of members Mixo (aka Applauze Beetz) and Mic Audio (aka Perfect Hell). Before becoming the super group Stereo Boyz they were a part of the “Rhyme Asylum” (1999 - 2008), a group that claimed a reputation of being one of Detroit's most hardcore underground rap groups. Performing since a young age, the two MCs have created an undeniable stage presence, they master the ceremony, and in countless freestyle competitions the Stereo Boyz have earned the respect of every emcee they came across. Completing their second tour across Europe in early 2013, with shows in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland the Stereo Boyz have been internationally approved.

With Mixo coming from Detroit and Mic Audio from Chicago they have created a perfect fusion of the Midwest. Combining strong lyrics with catchy hooks, their sound merges the best of both worlds: clever rhymes and beats that any hip hop fan will nod their head or move their feet to.The mixtape “Sound Check Vol 1” was their first group effort and has earned praises from rap fans worldwide, as well as Mic Audios following solo project “Biblical Fearical”. The Stereo Boyz dropped their EP “Live from the Ghettoblaster” in January of 2011 and after releases like the "Guten Tag!" mixtape, beat tapes and several street releases, their highly anticipated debut album “Carz, Clubz & Theatrez” was released August 13th 2013. Constantly in the studio recording and working on new beats and rhymes the group makes it impossible to be slept on.

The Stereo Boyz represent the past, present, & future of Detroit Hip-Hop. Their combination of Detroit Motown and Chicago's House & Electro sound has created a midwest masterpiece. Now it's time to share that masterpiece with the world.

Find more info on Stereo Boyz here:


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